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Rede ABRA & Rios de Encontro invite you to celebrate

Worldwide Wave of Solidarity

This (unique) huge natural wave is produced by the meeting of the currents of the Atlantic Ocean’s tide with the river’s currents of the Amazon River during the new and full moons. 


The phenomenon occurs when the rising tide-waters try to invade the estuary, at the moment when the river’s volume meets opposing resistance.


As sweet water is lighter, initially the wave extends a huge distance into the sea and delays the tidal wave. At a particular moment, the sea wins, breaking the equilibrium, and the tidal wave becomes huge, advancing along the river.

With Rivers of Creativity, we want to generate a current of tides of different projects, sent from the directions by virtual Waters. The wave of this tide can grow, advancing along the river, giving it other impossible movements and paths, without however altering its directions and qualities. A meeting that can generate affects and effects.

We hope that you will join with us and with the Federal University of the South and Southeast of Pará in this vital Project. We are funded by the Ministries of Culture and of Education.


We invite you to connect your nearest river, sea, ocean and forest and add to this Giant Cultural Wave of Solidarity with the rivers of the Amazon.

Bicicletada Pela Vida - Contribution from Marabá, Brazil

We are trying to make the impossible, possible: transform an imposed mega-project of industrial development which appeals to the huge immediate needs of so many families into a network of projects of community involvement, which includes the needs of future generations. In a presente of despair, standing before a future with no horizon, we have a huge challenge! We need a methodology which searches for and embraces the unknown, through the meeting of diverse wisdoms. Instead of debates about good life, we want to achieve a fórum which creates and lives good life, ethical sustainable and necessary community actons.

In the worst civilzational ane ecological crisis in documented history, the fórum will create interventionswith artistic, educational, social and environmental impacts to preserve one small corner of the greatest bio-technology of the planet, the Amazon. According to scientists,we are already late.

To participate:

If your project wants to participate in this worldwide wave of cultural action, to alert the world about the threat to rivers, seas and other vital resources, and affirming the quest for and practice of alternative paradigms of sustainable cooperation, the steps are:

1. Fill-in this form presenting your project;

2. Create a local action which affirms creative solutions to local needs;

3. Post a clip of this action with the hashtag #RiosDeCriatividade and follow the wave of the post, feeding our platform Rivers of Creativity with comments, questions and proposals.


During the Worldwide Wave of Solidarity, we will share them all in the social networks, re-sharing comments, challenges and proposals to provoke debate, themes, challenges and proposals as the foundations of the four days of the Forum of Good Life, 31 August to 04 Setembro 2017, in Marabá, north of Brazil.

Questions? Write us redeabra@hotmail.com

To motivate other networks, institutions and projects to participate from a distance, we are receiving materials from other local and regional and continents, recorded in solidarity with the Amazon. This material will nourish our Worldwide cultural wave, strengthening a network of projects and stimulating the urgent change we desire!


Our Forum will produce much material, which soon will be available on our site, sharing with all our actions, plans and collaborative possibilities.