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Rede ABRA & Rios de Encontro invite you to celebrate

Forum of Good-Life

We are two weeks away from the 'Good Life Forum', in a time which demands creative and daring community interventions. Here in Cabelo Seco community, we are finalizing preparations in dialogue with partners from the region and the country.


To motivate Marabá and the region to refuse the hydroelectric, water highway, mining and refinery project, and embrace an alternative project powered by solar energy, we will concentrate our collaborative process of 04 days in the squares, schools and rivers of Marabá. We will also visit the indigenous Parketêjê community and the oldest city in the region, São João do Araguaia, which will be entirely submerged beneath water if the hydroelectric dam is built.


We will use all the communication medias available to dialogue principally with the radical innocent of the child.